OSU – Art 2555 – ’16

Art 2555 is a intro to photography course. We explored different photo techniques as well as learning the mechanics of our DSLR cameras. All photos were taken with my Canon t3i – kit lens or 50mm. These are a few of my favorite shots from different assignments in this course.

The goal of the first assignment was to “go for the light”. It was interesting experimenting with photographing different light sources.

Next we began experimenting with point of view.

The third assignment was to fill the frame. I liked this assignment a lot because I enjoyed using natural frames from the environment, as well as doing close-up portraits.

This assignment was to capture motion by using flash. I had fun finding things to photograph for this assignment.

*No hamsters were harmed in the making of this photo. (;

Here we experimented with using a long exposure at night to create the star shape effect of lights.

This assignment, my personal favorite was to “go for color” I had just gotten a macro lens and really liked capturing the details of colors in nature.