OSU – Design 3305 – ’17

Design 3305 is a course about visualization – we did many different activities to get ourselves thinking about unique ways to visualize different things, like thinking through a design process visually.

Project 1: This project presented two different tasks. For part one, I chose a random shape (the first image), then created 16 different images using that basic shape. Part two asked us to chose one of our images from the 16 and present 3 ways in which it might be used in daily life. Then for part 3, we had to visualize a real life setting in which our image/icon may be used.

Part 2:

Project 2: Internet of Things Vending Machine

This assignment was really fun to complete. We had to come up with a vending machine idea that should be put on campus. We did research on why this machine would be useful, and got to deign what it would look like. My vending machine is “PetStop” – everything a pet owner would need for a fun day with their dog on campus.