Reviewed: Function of Beauty

I tried “Function of Beauty” and here’s what happened. (Not sponsored, just an honest review)

I’ve always been interested in beauty products and have always wanted to find my “favorite things”. This has led me to be a serial buyer of products I’d use once and then never touch again. I can’t even tell you the countless amount of hair products I’ve tried throughout my lifetime that I’ve absolutely hated.

My hair can be quite finicky. I have thick, straight, oily hair – so I have to be pretty careful about what I use as to not look like a grease ball 20 minutes after a shower. Leave in conditioners are pretty much always a ‘no’ for me, as well as most hydrating products in general. I haven’t been able to practice the trend of not washing my hair daily, because if I don’t, you can definitely tell. No amount of dry shampoo can really make skipping a day go unnoticed.

When I saw an Instagram ad for the brand Function Of – personalized hair products based specifically on your hair type and needs, I got a rush of excitement followed by a bit of skepticism. I quickly clicked on the link and researched the company. Based in NYC, they take the results of your personalized hair quiz and concoct a formula made just for you. Incredible.

You get to choose your colors, scents, up to 5 hair goals, as well as give them information on the texture of your hair. I went through my quiz:

I chose green and blue as my colors and their only natural scent (You)calyptus which is scented with essential oils. I chose my hair goals based on the fact that my hair is pretty dry and damaged on the ends, and incredibly oily up top. I have a lot of breakage and baby hairs, so aiming for stronger, smoother, less greasy hair is always the end goal.

I placed my order and anxiously awaited its arrival. It took about 2 weeks total for them to make my formula and ship it to me. When I got it in the mail I was SO excited. I had been itching to try something new and couldn’t wait to have gorgeous hair with this product… plus it had my name on the bottle, and it doesn’t get any cooler than that.

In the box, they included instructions for me, I was to shampoo twice and condition once, and they recommended I wash every day. After I used the products for the first time, I was really thrilled with how soft and nice my hair felt. After about an hour I was completely unsatisfied because my hair was so greasy I could move it around like there was gel product in it. Disgusting.

I thought, maybe I didn’t rinse it out well enough. Convincing myself that I couldn’t properly wash my hair after 23 years, got this product another chance. The same thing happened the next day. I felt terrible and defeated.

I just couldn’t justify spending $40 on shampoo and conditioner that made my hair feel worse than 99-cent Suave. So, I put on my best “let me speak to a manager” face and reached out to their customer service. I emailed them on their website describing how oily my hair was after just an hour or two, and how I was thoroughly disappointed with the products. They responded and let me know they would be glad to help and get me a better formula, and followed up by having me redo the initial quiz. I gave the exact same answers as the first time, but put extra emphasis that I was experiencing increased greasiness.

The replacement shampoo and conditioners weren’t awful. They definitely are better than the first ones, but I still am incredibly greasy by the end of the day. Instead of the recommended 2 pumps of shampoo, I tend to use 3 each time (so a total of 6 pumps per shower). I have noticed that using more of the shampoo helps a little with the greasiness.

Overall, I think this is a really great idea, and could potentially be amazing for someone with less finicky hair. The personalization is really fun and you can tell a lot of attention is given to the details. I personally will not be ordering anymore products from Function Of, simply because I just don’t think it was a great fit for my hair. However, I certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying it out, because there’s a chance it could work well for you, and if not, their customer service was incredibly helpful and kind to replace my first order.

In the spirit of not being wasteful, I am going to continue using my Function Of products until they run out, but cannot wait to hopefully get my hands on something better once they’re through. Here’s to hopefully finding my real favorite products in the future!