april goals and inspo

My favorite thing about a new month is feeling like you have a totally fresh start at life. Just an arbitrary date can really turn things around if you’re ready to commit to something new. This month I was really inspired by Sam Ozkural, a YouTuber who makes videos spreading positivity and tips about anything from weight loss to laws of attraction.

Each month Sam starts a challenge of some sort with her viewers to inspire and motivate each other to be the best version of themselves. This month the challenge is to repeat the same mantra each day of the month. The mantra could be anything that you want, but I was incredibly touched by the one she chose, so I decided to use this one as well:

“I will remain focused on my goals. Even if I have a moment of difficulty, I will not give up. I know success comes with consistency. I know that I will make it. Things will get better. No problem or challenge will stop me. Everything I deserve is coming my way.”

This was so inspiring for me to hear during this season of my life. I have been feeling so overwhelmed and unsuccessful recently. I am struggling to feel like things will ever fall into place, and really needed a reminder that things will be okay. I am about to start a new job that I am not excited for, I am struggling to be financially dependent. I am so easily overwhelmed these days by any thoughts of the future. Life has been a lot, and it hasn’t been easy for the last few months.

My hope is that by focusing on this uplifting mantra each day this month (or longer) I can really start to manifest some good things in my life. I want to start each day with a positive outlook and find the bright side of my situation. If I can get through this season, I can get through anything, and brighter days are ahead.

Check out my video on this subject here 🙂